2YOON’s Gayoon different style of fanservice!

4MINUTE’s sub-unit group 2YOON member Heo Gayoon’s fanservice attracts the attention of fans.

On an online community site, a topic about Gayoon’s fanservice gains interest. 2YOON had a fansigning event on February 1st. On the same day, a fan who approached Gayoon wanted a present from her to which Gayoon offered her own drink that she had drunk before, though it was so sudden, she didn’t forget to wipe the straw. Her different style of fanservice amused her fans.

 After seeing this topic, netizens commented “I’d like to meet her too” “She has sense of humor” “She is so cool” and many more.

If you would be able to meet her, what present would you want from her?

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net