2YOON appreciates Girls' Generation's compliment

4minute’s unit 2YOON were touched upon receiving compliments from Girls Generation.

On the 17th, 2YOON has released their debut album and is currently promoting with their title track, ’24/7′. 2YOON’s Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon has revealed to Star News on the afternoon of the 30th, that famous girl group Girls Generation cheered for them when they meet on a music broadcast station.

2YOON revealed, “Girls Generation-sunbaenims complimented us a lot, and it felt really good”and, “Girls Generation-sunbaenims said that ‘the song and the dance are good, and that the costumes and overall concepts were presented well’, while giving support to us”.

2YOON expressed, “Not only the title track, even the 4th track of our album ‘SseSseSse’ too, they said they liked it. We were touched to hear hem talk about the tracks specifically” and, “SNSD-sunbaenims’ praises have given us more strength”.

Just like how Girls Generation have put it, 2YOON want to meet fans with a different side of themselves.

Distinctive from 4minute’s powerful and charismatic activities, through ’24/7′, their friendly charms are shown. 4minute can easily differentiate themselves apart from other local idol groups with their never-before-tried Country Pop title track.

2YOON said, “Both of us are the vocal line of 4minute. Because of that, we have many chances of singing together on concerts or radio shows and more. During these times, we wished to release albums together, and so we suggested first to our agency” and, “Even after listening to our proposals, they asked us to ‘try once coolly’, and after that, we’ve participated in the album’s jacket, outfits, producing and more.”

Heo Gayoon personally took charge of the album’s jacket picture and even their stage overall styling, while Jiyoon wrote for ‘SseSseSse’, showing off her musical side.

2YOON hope that through this album, a different side of them can be shown, and through broadcast stages, they can communicate with fans more frequently.

2YOON expressed, “4minute including us, prefer to work than to rest” and, “We wanted to promote like this for some time. We hope to increase more awareness through looking at 2YOON’s songs and styles,” while smiling brightly.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Star News