2PM to host NHK’s Korean Courses for two years in a row

2PM will be teaching Korean to the Japanese public on TV for two years in a row.

NHK revealed on February 7th that 2PM will continue to be the faces of ‘Korean Courses Through TV’ for 2013. It is a program that teaches Korean through the members’ simple play-acting. The group has been appearing in the show since April 2012.

It is unprecedented for one artist to participate in a program as a fix for 2 years in a row in NHK, Japanese public broadcasting. Thus, the current announcement of 2PM’s participation in the program for the 2nd consecutive year not only confirmed 2PM’s supreme status as the artist to represent Korea, but also demonstrated NHK’s highly positive reviews on 2PM’s professionalism and faithfulness.

2PM conveyed, “We are very delighted to continue “Korean Lecture Through TV” that teaches Korean to Japanese audience this year in succession to last year. We will put our best effort to prepare for the more substantial program. Thank you for the big love.”

Source: JYP Entertainment