2NE1’s Park Bom talks about her barefoot performance at Seoul Music Awards

2NE1’s Park Bom shared her thoughts regarding her recent barefoot performance.

On January 31, 2NE1 along with other celebrities attended the 22nd Seoul Music Awards that took place at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul. 2NE1 sang their hit song “I Love You” and impressed the crowd with their powerful charisma.

However, during their performance, Park Bom’s heel slipped off her foot, causing her to stand on tip toes. She then took off her other heel as well and performed on the stage barefoot, showcasing her professionalism.

After the show, Park Bom took on her Twitter and talked about the incident. She tweeted, LOL today was really T_T a special day!!! LOL I was very very surprised!! kk suddenly my one foot was feeling cold kk This will be one of precious memories for me definitely LOL The members faces looked surprised but seemed funny… kk.”