Zinger delays her comeback, won't be present for GDA

The comeback for Secret’s Zinger has been postponed.

Their entertainment, TS Entertainment, revealed on the 13th that, “Although our goal was to have Secret’s Zinger return on the Golden Disk Awards stage, we’ve decided that it’s too much for her to dance right now, so we’ve postponed her comeback.”

They continued to explain by adding, “Although she doesn’t have any troubles getting around with normal things, the hospital said that her injured rib cage part still needs time to heal before doing powerful choreography, so we’ve made this decision.”

Before this, Zinger had received a 4 week diagnosis after the car accident on December 11th. After this, Zinger had showed a quick recovery, and was planning to comeback on the stage, but postponed her comeback due to the hospital’s warnings.

The company explained Zinger’s feelings about having her comeback postponed. “Although she regrets not being able to show a perfect side right now, she promises to show it next time.”

Meanwhile, the other 3 Secret members will be participating in the ‘27th Golden Disk Awards’ that’s being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will be leaving on the 15th.

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