Yoon Si Yoon' "tomato red lips" becomes a hot topic

Yoon Si Yoon's "tomato red lips" from tvN's new drama "Flower Boy Next Door" has attracted much attention from female fans.

In the latest episode aired on January 22nd, Go Dok Mi(Park Shin Hye) and Enrique(Yoon Si Yoon) began to live in an apartment together. Although on the outside they always quarrel with each other but they started having good impressions about each other on the inside.

When Enrique saw Dok Mi sleeping on the table alone, he couldn't resist himself and attempt for a kiss, but it wasn't a success. However, Yoon Si Yoon' cute and red lips has attracted attention and made many females fans gone crazy.

People commented on the scene,"Yoon So Yoon's so cute","I feel envy with Park Shin Hye"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET