Yoon Doojoon, “BEAST members are friends I have known for a long time”

Being an idol in Korea is like living the lives of many other people compressed into one. They usually debut in their late 10s and by their early 20s, they either reach their maximum potential or just fade away. In addition, when a group reaches a certain high point, the members start to move on to their solo activities and by the time they make their name well known doing solo activities, new rookie idol groups appear. Debuting is hard, gaining popularity is even harder, and prospering in the long run is almost a miracle. Yoon Doojoon, who is in the group BEAST, hitting their 5th year since their debut, has survived that life and continues to live that life. BEAST has now become a group that performs overseas proudly and the amount of solo activities has increased to the point that now it’s hard to see them together. In addition, Yoon Doojoon is now appearing on KBS after his debut project MBC . Idol to actor, changing from a sitcom to a blockbuster sequel drama, no matter what the result is, there must be a big change going on in his life right now. We listened to the changes Yoon Doojoon’s experiences as an idol and the challenges he will experience as an actor.

From viewer to ’s main role
“A few days ago I saw the main set for the NSS headquarters in and oh man, it was amazing. It was as if I came on a tour to a drama filming site. (laughs) I watched the first with a lot of enjoyment and now that I get to be in that drama… every thing is so new. Personally I also like the movie and the American drama <24>. I am playing the role of agent Seo Hyunwoo in his late 20s and first of all, there isn’t any problem with the image. Because I look like I am in my late 20s anyways. (laughs) Even though this character is bright and cheery like me, I don’t think we resemble each other on the basis that he is intelligent and has a variety of skills. (laughs).”

Sitcom to Blockbuster
“I am realizing a lot of things I didn’t know about when I was filming the sitcom as I am filming . I think a lot about the details. For sitcoms, the story ends every episode so my role position changes each time when I am filming. Since my role position ends and starts new every episode, I didn’t think too much about the details. But in the sunbaenims prepare every word, movement, walk, and tone and bring it to set with them. Seeing that in front of my eyes, I don’t believe that I should continue acting the way I have been acting. I am really pressured participating in such a blockbuster film. It’s true that more people watch it with interest. Through my acting I think that the viewers might either like the drama or dislike it more. I think that I should accept what I need to accept and give up what I need to give up. Challenging myself is my job.”

From BEAST leader to youngest
“I really don’t know what to do with so much kindness from the actors even though this is my first drama. Even though I didn’t film many dramas, I know that the filming set isn’t always so great like it is at this drama’s filming set. Jang Hyuk sunbaenim, Lee Bumsoo sunbaenim, Lee Dahae sunbaenim, and others teach me a lot. Of course about acting, but also about life. Not like do this and do that, but like, “I tried this a certain way and it was better.” I try to absorb everything I can and I work really hard. (laughs) Lee Dahae sunbaenim worried a lot about how my character could just end up becoming a messenger if I didn’t show off enough manliness. Because of others who worry this much about me, I am able to act with a happy heart.”

From the rookie group to the professional group BEAST
“Now that I think about it, it has been already 5 years since debut. In that time, so many things have changed to the point that I can’t even believe it. Some idols disappeared, the image that people have of idols have changed too. But I believe that in the midst of all this change, the experiences that I am going through right now will be the most help to me later in life. If something goes wrong or doesn’t go the way I want, I believe that these experiences would turn in to a force that keeps me going. In addition, in between all that time, I think the relationship between the BEAST members changed as well. In the past, I used to ask them for advice, but now I think we are past that stage. Because now, we each understand the different lifestyle of other members. When we each finish our schedules and meet up we would complain about the things that happened during our day and the other members would say, “there there” and end up comforting each other. Nothing more nothing less. Always. (laughs) There isn’t a reason how this came to be. In other words, we just became really comfortable with each other. And after all that busy talk we just end up talking about food. (laughs) Now we became the friends who continually met up for a long period of time. Even though we each have separate schedules now, we were always together since debut and now, we’ve become comfortable people for each other. Sometimes they (BEAST) are even more comfortable than family.”

Back to Yoon Doojoon
“I don’t think I can say right now how I changed by participating in . Even though it sounds bad when I say that it is an investment for the future, but through everything I did so far, my future will change. To be honest, I don’t expect anything out of myself through this project. More than anything, I hope that I am able to fit into the drama well so that others can enjoy the drama as a whole. As the viewers are watching there are going to be awkward and strange parts, but I hope that they will be able to see Seo Hyunwoo through my acting. It is my priority to become an actor who fits into the flow of the drama.”

10asia (SOURCE)