Yoo Seung Ho rejects CF offer prior military enlistment

Actor Yoo Seung Ho is drawing attention for rejecting all CF offers after his MBC drama ‘I Miss You’ came to an end.

On January 18th, Yoo Seung Ho’s representative stated that Yoo Seung Ho refused a CF offer to start his military service without any problem. The actor also expressed his will to quietly enlist in the army without having any interviews or events.

This is quite a different decision than many other celebrities who were about to be enlisted in the past. A great number of stars such as Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won and Kim Nam Gil shot CFs before they started their military service to keep in touch with the public with their short appearances on TV.

The representative added, “Yoo Seung Ho thought it wasn’t right to have his face air on TV while he was serving in the army. But he feels apologetic toward the advertising companies.”

Netizens expressed their support for the actor’s decision saying, “He’s doing a right thing”, “I don’t want to send him” and “I hope you will have safe and meaningful time.”

Source: StarN News