Yoo Seung Ho and So Ji Sub display friendship at MV set

Actors So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho displayed their close friendship at the filming set of So Ji Sub’s music video.

Yoo Seung Ho recently filmed the music video for the title track of So Ji Sub’s new mini album, ‘Six O’ Clock… Playground’. So Ji Sub himself will be casting as the male lead, while Yoo Seung Ho, whose nickname is “Little So Ji Sub”, will be casting as the lead character in his 20s.

On January 10, the two actors met at a studio in Gwangju where Yoo Seung Ho filmed a scene where he meets with Park Shin Hye at a club for nearly six hours.

So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho actually were unable to meet during their shoots, so So Ji Sub visited Yoo Seung Ho’s greenroom despite his busy schedule. He even got him snacks to thank him for appearing in his music video.

Also, So Ji Sub gave Yoo Seung Ho a heart-shaped chocolate and Yoo Seung Ho jokingly stated, “Are you confessing your love to me with this red heart-shaped chocolate?”, displaying their close friendship.