Yoo In Na shows Ji Hyun Woo some support

Yoo In Na once again claims her unchaging love towards her boyfriend Ji Hyun Woo.

On January 19th, Yoo In Na along with her friends went to watch "The Promise" at National Theater in Seoul. It's a musical which stars currently enlisted celebrities like Ji Hyun Woo and Super Junior's Lee Teuk.

Yoo In Na was seen seating in the theater wearing sunglasses and a scarf to cover her face, it's said that she was very awared of people around her.When Ji Hyun Woo appeared, she enthusiastically cheered for him. 

Ji Hyun Woo recently made an appearance on MBC's "Section TV" and confirmed that the two are still in love with each other, as they frequently contact with one another.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET