Yonghwa is the composer of CNBLUE’s next title song

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa is hard at work on making another great hit.

On January 2, Yonghwa posted on CNBLUE’s official Twitter, “Hello everyone! It’s me Yonghwa ㅋㅋ The weather is extremely cold,right guys ㅠ CNBLUE’s title song that will be released on Jan 14 is my composition! ㅋㅋ You’ve been waiting very long so we’ll continue do our best. Please anticipate us a lot. We’ll be together soon!”

He also attached a photo of himself working with his synthesizer and computer for their next track. With this, CNBLUE’s comeback will mark their first promotion of their self-composed title track since their debut in 2010.

Credit: cnbluestorm