‘Voice Korea Kids’ coach Yang Yoseob, "I look at the kids as if I was a trainee"

The comments from the other judges on the show teaches me as well.

BEAST member Yang Yoseob (in the picture), Yoon Sang, and Seo Inyoung have come together to be come the new set of judge coaches. As much as audition programs have been loved in the past, the judges have received the love of the viewers as well. From these many judges, Yang Yoseob is the first idol singer that is currently active to become a judge for an audition program. The reason he became a coach was because of his exceptional vocals even though he is an idol singer and also because of his high popularity among kids and grade level students. The staff agreed that he will be able to give them feedback that matches their eye level. In reality, most, if not all, kids and grade level students at the preliminary auditions wanted coach Yang Yoseob to be their teacher.

- You are receiving a "love call" from the contestants. What might be the reason for that?
“It is probably because from the judges, I am the one who achieved my goals most recently. Because of that, I end up looking at the contestants as if I had traveled back in time to my own trainee days."

- You must be really pressured too...
“To be honest, I'm really worried. Until now, the judges were people with a lot of experience and professionalism in their field. I am worried that my lacking experiences and professionalism will hinder the dreams of one kid. As a coach, I believe that my role is to help bring out the positive side of the kid by making him/her feel comfortable at heart."

- You gain a lot by teaching others as well. 
“Comparing myself when I was the age of the contestants to the contestants, my abilities and skills are much lacking. Looking at the passion of the kids makes me return to my initial mindset as well. In addition, comments from Yoon Sang and Seo Inyoung sunbaenims are very important teachings for me as well."

- It seems like there are lot of students and kids wanting to be singers.
“I think it's a shame to see people wanting to be singer for the fame and extravagance. Studying is hard, but becoming a singer is much more difficult than that. There are things you earn from it, but I want to tell the little kids that there are much more you need to give up too."

Source: 경향신문
Translation by: YONGISM @ B2STRISING