TVXQ's Yunho Does Seven Takes Of Wire Action Without A Stunt Double For ‘Queen of Ambition’

Jung Yunho took part in a wire action scene, regardless of the risk of injuries.

For the car accident scene in the episode of SBS’ ‘Queen of Ambition’ that aired on the 22nd of January, Jung Yunho volunteered to take part in the wire action scene himself.

On this day, Baek Do Hoon (Jung Yunho/U-Know Yunho) hears that his ice hockey team was broken up and goes to confront his father Baek Chang Hak (Lee Deok Hwa). Though Baek Do Hoon blocks his father’s car to talk about it, Baek Chang Hak doesn’t listen to him. Baek Do Hoon, who chased after Baek Chang Hak’s car on foot, gets hits by a car and gets his body thrown in the air. Later, Baek Do Hoon hears that he isn’t able to play sports anymore because of his accident.

According to a representative, Jung Yunho volunteered to participate in the wire action scene himself. He stated, “For the car accident scene, Jung Yunho participated in the wire action scene seven times,” and “Though most actors prefer to let a stunt double take over because there is a risk of injury and because wearing the equipment is uncomfortable and painful, Jung Yunho took on the scene himself, showing a passion for acting that befits a rookie actor.”

Source: [newsen]
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