The outstanding height of '94liner' ! Are you jealous?

Recently, a photo titled '1994 idols' height' was uploaded on an online community board, it became a hot issue.

The photo was taken during the special episode of 'Music Bank', featuring Miss A's Suzy, KARA's Ji Young, fx's  Sulli, Krystal and 4minute's So Hyun.

All of the members are wearing high heels of approximately same height, and their height difference can be clearly seen.

The tallest girl is Sulli, who has the nickname 'Giant Baby', and the order goes down to Suzy, Ji Young, Krystal, and So Hyun.

Netizens commented, "They are so lucky" and "So Hyun is not short at all, because the others are so tall", "What's their average height?", etc.

Source: starN
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews