The Composition Skills Of CNBLUE's Yong Hwa Are Even Recognized By TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho

Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of CNBlue, has had his composition skills recognized by TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, who made a request to have a song written for TVXQ.

The title song of the band’s new album ‘Re Blue’, which was released on the 14th, is ‘I’m Sorry’, composed and written by Jung Yong Hwa. To have his own compositions be chosen as the title song of his group’s album in four years means that Jung Yong Hwa’s agency has recognized his talents. The song is currently in the top 5 list on online music charts, proving that his songs are accepted by the masses.

Jung Yon Hwa has shown a great passion for composing songs. Thanks to the active support of FNC Entertainment, he has written songs for Juniel and AOA. Jung Yong Hwa stepped away from his band in the second half of last year to focus on composing music, and confessed, “For the first time in my life, I felt the pains of innovation.” His efforts are paying off now.

The number of representatives in the K-pop industry asking Jung Yon Hwa for songs is increasing. Some seniors and juniors have already asked him for songs at awards ceremonies. Jung Yong Hwa said, “At an awards ceremony last year, I met TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and he asked me if I could write a song for TVXQ’s 10th anniversary album. Hwang Kwang Hee from ZE:A asked me too.”

Others have requested songs from Jung Yong Hwa through the entertainment agency’s CEO and representatives. Jung Yong Hwa seemed to be enjoying the attention he was getting, but he said that he is still hesitant to give anyone other than CN Blue a song yet. Jung Yong Hwa said, “It felt great to hear that people are requesting songs from me. But, I still feel nervous about participating in other people’s albums.”

Jung Yong Hwa has been branching out into dance and ballad tracks for his juniors Juniel and AOA. He has been enjoying writing songs in new genres. Jung Yong Hwa showed his passion for composing music as he said, “Writing songs for my juniors was fun because I got to branch out into a variety of genres. I want to keep writing lots of songs.”

Source: [ajunews]
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