Suzy writes a letter for the fans

miss A’s Suzy expressed her thanks to her fans through a handwritten letter.

On January 2, Suzy posted a picture on miss A’s official fansite with the caption, “To fans who love miss A.”

She wrote, “Hello, this is Suzy. It’s 2013, now. It’s been 3 years since we became together already. Thanks to your continuous support and love, miss A, and Suzy could spend a phenomenal year of 2012.”

Suzy continued, “I am always grateful and always sorry. I think of all of you who are consistently encouraging me in my heart and I will repay you with good music and good activities. Please do not be sick and I hope that there will be a lot of good things for you in 2013. I’ll become a better person for people who say that I encourage them even though I’m not that special. Happy new year.”

She added, “P.S. My handwriting looks terrible because I used a huge pen. But it is still attractive, right?”, and showed off her special and lively charm.