Sung Yuri renews her contract with King Kong Entertainment

It has been revealed that actress Sung Yuri has renewed her contract with her current management agency, King Kong Entertainment.

On January 4, King Kong Entertainment announced, “Sung Yuri has decided to renew her contract with us. Her decision was based on strong trust that developed these past two years.”

Lee Jin Sung, head of King Kong Entertainment, said, “I’ve known Sung Yuri for 10 years, and she is one of the best actresses who is always very caring and modest. She is being loved by many people for her passion and efforts, and we will do every supports that we can provide her.”

Sung Yuri said, “King Kong Entertainment is a company that allows me to participate in different genres of work, and has also given me lots of help along the way. With the trust and faith we have developed, I will continue to work hard to present an even more complete side of me in future.”