Soy VS Girl's Generation's Sunny VS Han Hye Jin,who wore it the best?

Soy(Raspberry Field), Girl's Generation's Sunny, and actress Han Hye Jin spotted wearing sweaters of the same deisgn, but all of them have different charms.

An online community uploaded a photo with the tiel,"Soy-Sunny-Han Hye Jin with a same style". In the photo, they are wearing the same pink sweater with a red heart printed on. Sunny shows off her lovely charm, Soy looked purely beautiful while Han Hye Jin looked more mature and sexy.

Netizens commented,"Although it's the same fashion but the feelings are completely different","All are really beautiful","Pretty girls look good in whatever they wear".

For more information, Singer Soy(Rasperry Field) recently released her newest album "Sweet and Bitter"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET