Sohyun reveals teaser photo from 2YOON’s “24/7” MV

With just few hours before its release, 4minute’s Sohyun teases fans by releasing a screencap from 2YOON’s upcoming music video for “24/7”.

On January 17, Sohyun posted the photo above on her Twitter and wrote, “2YOON are finally having their first broadcast stage today. Unnies worked hard on their stage, so I wish there are lots of people who come and support them.”

She added, “Today, I will be a special MC on ‘M! Countdown’ too, I’m…going to give this picture that I wanted to upload for a while. How can they do rock paper scissors the same as well…”

2YOON’s debut mini album as well as the music video for “24/7” will be released later today, January 17th.