SHINHWA's Andy battles his fear of snakes from the start of the Year of the Snake

Andy’s phobia of snakes has struck from the onset of the Year of the Snake.

On the 6th Jan episode of jTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, snake trainer Lee Dong Hee, along with 50 snakes, was invited to the show in a special ‘Taming your pet snake’ New Year special.

Andy, who already has a phobia of reptiles to begin with, upon hearing that snakes would be present for the recording, became nervous and immediately geared himself up with a mask and gloves. As rare snakes and large snakes began to make their appearance, unlike the other members who were intrigued, Andy was petrified and hid behind. Shin Hyesung quipped, “It feels like only 5 of us are recording today.”

Even as the other members tried to get Andy to just touch the snake with his gloved fingertips, he broke out in cold sweat as he battled his fear of snakes.

Credits: Newsis + Absolut Shinhwa