SHINee In Wonderland Star Collection Cards additional information and previews released

The new SHINee In Wonderland Star Collection Card packs will hold five random star cards, and each pack will have one of five member designs on the outside (seen below).

There will be 10 packs (of 5 cards each) in every set, a total of 50 cards per set.
The cards in each pack are all random. Every set will also contain a contest flyer.

Five contest winners will receive one of five autographed polaroid pictures and member photoshoot items (Onew/Jonghyun/Key/Taemin's pocketwatch or Minho's mask).

There will be many different categories of cards to collect, as seen in the following list.
Some categories include more cards than others! There are 65 normal cards and 35 rare cards in total.

There are 65 normal SHINee Wonderland cards, all with original designs.
Because the cards are processed with lamination, they will not tear easily.

There are 35 rare card designs, and each will come in a shiny, holographic, 3D style.

Puzzle cards can't be complete without each other! Certain puzzle cards can be placed next to each other to make one large picture.


Source: Apple Music
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