Shin Se Kyung falls in love with Girls’ Generation’s new music

Actress Shin Se Kyung proved that she’s a fan of girl group Girls’ Generation.

On January 2, Shin Se Kyung posted on her personal Twitter, “Ah… I can't sleep because of the music. What am I going to do?”. A concerned fan then asked what is the matter to which the actress replied, “Girls’ Generation… Can’t you hear my heart beat.”

She also added, “What am I going to do? This is really serious. I can’t fall asleep. The whole world looks so beautiful. I should try to sleep, even though I’m sure it will take a long time to forget about their performance.”

Shin Se Kyung, who had worked with Yuri on SBS drama ‘Fashion King’, revealed her friendship with Girls’ Generation as well as expressed her full support for the group’s comeback album “I Got A Boy”.