Seungri reveals his infamous 'Seungri deficiency'

Today I have done a magazine photos shooting.It has been a long time since I have done it.
I have seen you who came to see me for the photos shooting and those who have been supporting me throughout the past year.It is really great.^__^

Many of the fans who came today have attended alive tour and they have shared with me some of the feelings about the concerts.
A person told me in Japan,there are Seungri fans who worry about being infected with 'Seungri deficiency'.
Oh,what is it all about?
The Japanese fans said if Seungri does not appear in the TV stations,then they will be infected with 'Seungri deficiency'.
After hearing this,I could not hold back my laughter.
Wwwwwwww i was really happy!
I think I should really prepare some medicine to cure this 'Seungri deficiency'....
I always think that although I had been in a tense state tbroughout last year when I was carrying out my activities there,I have been adapted to it a bit...
Really happy!
It looks like a good thing...wwww

And I have taken many nice pictures today,please anticipate it!
And please watch the 魁 (sakigake Eight!) music program tonight!

Source: @seungriyacom & 餃子石頭剪子布yoy @weibo  l Translated by: @@RiceKwon