Seunggi returns in ‘Gu Family Book’

Lee Seunggi’s next drama project and his return to tv is garnering top anticipation.  The time slot for Gu Family Book has been finalized!

This spring, Prince Lee Seunggi returns in Gu Family Book.  It is scheduled to air after the drama Horse Doctor finishes, as Lee Seunggi will robustly take over the spot that Jo Seungwoo leaves.

This is Lee Seunggi’s first sageuk drama, and he will play the role of Chae Khang Chi, born part-human, part creature but wanting very much to become fully human.   On top of all this, Gu Family Book is garnering additional buzz with the director of Secret Garden, Shin Woodchul PD, and the writer of Baker King, Kang Eunkyung, also attached to this project.

English: LSGfan, Video: seungsun love