Rain under fire for violating military regulations

In line with his secret dates, singer and actor Rain, who is serving his mandatory military service, has provoked controversy over the privileges enjoyed by star conscripts by taking unusually frequent holidays.

According to the Defense Ministry, Rain got 17 days off as a reward and took another 10 overnight vacation days since March. He spent another 44 days outside his military base on official business such as morale-boosting performances, recording sessions and dance practice for military events.

With the addition of the holidays he got while serving on the frontline, Rain had 94 days off base, or one-fifth of his 450 days of service so far. That is more than twice the number of average holidays enjoyed by other troops from 2009 to 2012.

But while out and about in town, he also secretly indulged in some rendezvous with Hallyu actress Kim Tae Hee. With this, Ministry of National Defense said that there will be a hearing held next week by the disciplinary committee to come up with an appropriate sentence for the Hallyu singer.

A representative stated, “It’s a breach of conduct, and he will be punished as such.”

Source: Chosun Ilbo