‘New Bagel Girl’ Heo Gayoon, “My Fashion worth 15 million Won?”… ‘Gangnam Girl’ once again a topic

Heo Gayoon’s ‘Gangnam girl style fashion’ has once again become a topic.

4minute’s Heo Gayoon’s airport fashion style has attracted netizens’ attention.

One of Heo Gayoon’s past pictures, where her fashion was said to be worth of 15 million Won, has attracted attention. However, it was reported that the information was false.

In 2010, Heo Gayoon appeared on a variety program and clarified towards her ‘Gangnam girl’ nickname, saying that it wasn’t worth 15 million Won.

During the broadcast, Heo Gayoon revealed, “When netizens saw that picture then, the fashion from head to toe was seemed to worth 15 million Won. At the airport, I took off (my) sunglasses, but since it was swelled up then, I borrowed them from my coordi eonnie. Meanwhile, the estimated to be 8 million Won one-piece was brought for fun from a shop overseas.”

Heo Gayoon followed, “It was said to be 15 million Won fashion, but it’s actually less than 20o thousand Won,” causing laughter on set.

However, Heo Gayoon continued, “(Through airport fashion) After the birth of ‘Gangnam girl’ nickname, I’ve received lots of sponsorship and presents, so it isn’t all that bad.”

Source: City Daily