Netizens manage to find Won Bin’s flaw?

Netizens barely managed to find actor Won Bin’s flaw.

Recently, a post titled “The only thing Won Bin doesn’t know” was uploaded on different online community boards and SNS. The post showed a conversation between the actor and a fan on his official fancafé.

A fan of Won Bin wrote “I love you Won Bin♥♥”. At this, Won Bin responded, “I love you, too. How do I type the heart shapes?” as he couldn’t find a heart emoticon.

Won Bin always looks very handsome and sharp, and the fact that he does not know how to type a heart on computer is making many people laugh. Netizens are claiming this was the only flaw of the perfect Won Bin.

Netizens also commented, “It’s alright even if you don’t know how to use emoticons”, “You’re adorable” and more.