Miss A's Suzy went to karaoke with her friends

Photos of Miss A's Suzy went to karaoke with friends at her hometown were revealed.

An online community posted some photos of Suzy and her friends with title,"Miss A's Suzy with her friends in Gwangju 2 years ago". The photos were taken near the end of 2011 when Suzy finished her drama "Dream High" and she went back to her hometown for a vacation.

In the photos, Suzy is seen wearing casual clothes like a normal high school girl, posing along with her friends. Suzy and her friends were at a karaoke, they seems were having so much fun, especially Suzy was always showing a happy smile and doing various v sign in those photos.

Fans commented,"Suzy looks like a little high school girl","She's so cute","I'm curious about her daily life", and so on

Written By Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET