Minho's Interview for High Cut January 2013 Issue

Inside the studio flowing with chilly winter air, it seemed like a protective shield of spring was made around just these three people. Could biological siblings even be this friendly? The stars of the 94th issue are SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli and Krystal who were chosen as the "flower beauty" of idols. The question of “Will they actually be friendly in real life?" was answered as soon as Minho arrived at the shooting site. "Is it there?" He asked where the girls' make-up room was. He strode there and opened the door without hesitation. When Minho greeted hi, friendly 5-octave voices replied. While the shooting was held, they talked whenever they could and burst into laughter even when they just met eyes. The photographer said, "It'll be good if you look even closer" during the shoot so they immediately put their heads together and linked arms. As soon as Minho and Sulli's hands were laid on top of each other, Sulli playfully said, "Ah, our hands touched!" The 20 year olds Sulli and Krystal are known to be best friends and it seems like a happy virus surged out just because they're with each other. Even the people around who were watching them followed suit and became happier. The fresh youth and the refreshing time we spent with them.

Through the drama , Minho received the New Star Award. You've only been at Gayo Daejejuns for the past few years so how did it feel to be at a drama award show?
It was my first time at a drama award show so the atmosphere was very different. I went as a newcoming actor so I was extremely nervous. I couldn't make my acceptance speech long so I actually didn't get a chance to mention my members or my family. I'm disappointed that I didn't thank my fans either. My new goal in the future is win a bigger award and thank all the people I wasn't able to (laugh).

Minho made a love line with Sulli in . It seems like it'd be awkward to film close scenes with a dongsaeng you've known for a long time.
I thought it would be awkward at first but we just went and filmed it and there wasn't anything too awkward. Since we are already close, there were moments when we were comfortable acting but then there were some awkward moments when we just tried it (laugh). I've grown a lot closer to Sulli while working on this project and she has become a dongsaeng who I truly cherish.

How do you feel after properly experiencing the intensity of a drama site?
It was hard not sleeping and not eating at the right time. It was a lot harder on us when we filmed during the hotter weather. I'm a guy and it was hard on me so it must have been worse for the actresses. I've realized that there is a definite reason why actresses are cared for. And as I saw many people working hard, I could feel that they all put in an incredible amount of effort and time.

How did you spend the end/beginning of your years?
I went on a personal vacation at the end of the year. I went to the United Kingdom alone, watched the match between Park Jisung's team QPR(Queens Park Rangers) and Man U(Manchester United), recharged myself, and came back. After that, we met at the practice room to prepare for each of the award ceremonies. We stayed up nights to practice but I felt that I still lacked something so I feel disappointed.

Kwanghee has recently bragged about how he's close with you on which became a hot topic. Who are the celebrities you're usually closest to?
Kwanghee hyung's personality is easy going and very fun. I feel brighter whenever I'm with him so we contact each other often and are friendly. The SHINee members are beyond the friendly scale and they're just family now. Usually, (Choikang) Changmin hyung, Kyuhyun hyung, and I hang out together a lot. All three of us like alcohol so we occasionally have a drink and talk.

What are SHINee's plans for this year?
We're planning around this coming spring so we've been recording lately. There's not much time left (until the comeback). We're coming back after 1 year since our promotions in the beginning last year. I'm extremely looking forward to SHINee's promotions this year. We have shown many sides of ourselves as 5 year old artists, but now our mission is to show a different kind of refreshing image. I believe we'll be able to show off a new image this year as well. For some reason, I have a feeling we'll receive a good outcome.

Will you continue to act this year?
I want to work on a lot of projects this year as well. I really feel that I'm still lacking so I have to build up a lot of experiences and I want to get my face out to the public through various projects.

Source: High Cut
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net