Minho, Krystal and Sulli for High Cut

On January 17th, Minho, Sulli, and Krystal's new pictorial for High Cumagazine was released

They wore jeans and denim jackets, showing their refreshing spring looks.

During the shooting, Sulli and Krystal showed great friendship, and Minho also got along with the two girls very well, looking like brother and sisters.

During an interview, Sulli was asked what she wanted to do after becoming of legal age, she said, "I did things that my management agency don't like me doing, such as listening to songs with age restrictions. There are so many great hip hop songs with age restrictions. I could download them from January 1st right away."

On the other hand, Minho talked about his close friends, "I meet up with Kwang Hee often. He always makes me feel happy. I also hang out with Chang Min and Kyu Hyun often. All three of us like drinking, so we go out together frequently."

Krystal said, "It's been four years since my debut, but I really haven't released many albums. So, I still feel like I'm a rookie. I'm preparing with a new album with other members recently."

On the other hand, their full pictorials can be viewed on the new edition of HIGH CUT.

Source: starN