MBLAQ, Park Hyo Shin, Big Star and D-Unit to perform at Sapporo Snow Festival

K-pop has truly permeated through Japan as there will be special k-pop performances during Sapporo’s snow festival.

According to the Korean Foundation For International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) on January 14th, artists like Park Hyo Shin, MBLAQ, Big Star, and D-Unit will be performing on for a K-pop festival on February 9th at the Sapporo Nitori Cultural Hall, as a part of the 64th Sapporo Snow Festival.

The Sapporo Snow Festival attracts about 3 million people every year and is big enough to fall within the world's top 3 biggest festivals. This year’s festival will be under the them of Love & Peace in Harmony for One Asia, with the proceeds going to an organization called Good Friends Save The Children.

The groups Big Star and D-Unit will even do some volunteer work at the Sapporo juvenile welfare centre while there.

Source: KBS