Leessang completes successful concert in the US

Hip hop duo Leessang has wrapped up quite successful shows in the United States over this past week.

First starting on January 24th, the duo performed at the New York Best Buy Theatre, followed by a performance on the 26th at the Los Angeles Club Nokia. Concert organizers boasted that about half of the crowd for the US shows were locals, and Leessang was very much well received by their American fans.

Leessang had traveled through 12 cities in Korea for their Leessang Theatre Season 2 concert tour. They soon after received an offer from oncert organizers AEG to have shows in the US. The members of Leessang themselves expressed what an honor such an opportunity was for them and how pleasantly surprised they were at the number of local Americans that showed up and enjoyed themselves.

Leessang will next go on an 8-city tour in Korea with YB Band.

Source: KBS