Lee Da Hae shows amazing shooting skills on ‘IRIS 2’

KBS recently released new still cuts of actress Lee Da Hae who plays a secret agent for the much-awaited series, ‘IRIS 2’.

Though ‘IRIS 2’ is Lee Da Hae’s first action piece, she caught everyone by surprise by showing off her shooting skills at a shooting practice room in Korean National Intelligence Service. The actress scored a remarkable 46 points out of 50 which was much higher than Jang Hyuk, who is casting as her partner.

Lee Da Hae said, “Before shooting ‘IRIS 2’, I only exercised as my personal trainer told me, but now, I run out for exercise before anyone tells me to. Ji Soo Yeon is such a charming character, and I’m enjoying my shootings very much.”

An ‘IRIS 2′ representative stated, “Lee Da Hae makes it hard to believe that she is an actress taking on action scenes for the first time because she is showing an amazing progress, and the trainers are making endless compliments about her. Everyone will be able to see another side of Lee Da Hae.”

The drama will premiere on February 13 on KBS

Source: StarN News