Kim Sung Ryeong-Jung Yunho Release A Close Self-Shot

Photos of Kim Sung Ryeong and Jung Yunho looking close have been revealed.

The official Twitter account of Kim Sung Ryeong’s agency YeolEum Entertainment posted two photos with the caption, “The nation’s siblings Baek Do Kyung and Baek Do Hoon from ‘Queen of Ambition’♥ Here’s a photo of the ‘DoDo (T/N: ‘Chic’ in Korean) Couple’, who share the same heart-warming smile. Good luck to the team of ‘Queen of Ambition’, who are doing their best in negative 10 degrees weather all night long!”

In the photos, Kim Sung Ryeong and Jung Yunho have their faces pressed against each other and are smiling brightly at the camera. Jung Yunho has his arm slung around Kim Sung Ryeong’s shoulder, making the two look like real siblings and tugging at the heartstrings of women everywhere.

Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as, “Their smiles and eyes look similar! They’re like real siblings”, “The royalty of siblings! The best couple of 2013, for sure,” and “Sung Ryeong is a great actress and beautiful, they’d look good as a couple~”

Meanwhile, SBS’ ‘Queen of Ambition’ is becoming a hot topic for hitting over 10% in viewer ratings in just three episodes. It airs at 9:55pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Source: [the star chosun]
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