Key compared to Kyuhyun for "Catch Me If You Can" Musical in January 2013 Nylon

<Catch Me If You Can> (referred to as <Catch Me>) has decided on a total of 6 “Franks” with the original members Uhm Kijoon, Park Kwanghyun, Kyuhyun, Key, and two new members Dongwoon and Dongjun. The multi-casting was formed through a certain procedure, but the effort did not bring a good result. Therefore, there is something musical producers and actors must always remember. It is the simple question, "Are you skilled enough to stand on stage?"

The movie of the same name <Catch Me> showed Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks chasing each other. In the same way, the musical <Catch Me> shows Frank changing from a pilot, detective, and doctor as situation calls for. In other words, the musical moves with Frank as the center, and it is rare for a musical to have every act centered around the main character. One can call this a musical that is for, by, and of Frank. SHINee’s Key, who has been actively expressing himself not only through song and dance, but also fashion and art, expressed Frank’s nonchalant attitude the best even though it was his musical debut. He performs comedy with mischievous facial expressions and boldness, and doesn’t get timid on stage. When an adult magazine model he respected showed up in front of him, he pretended to get a nose bleed. When he heard the story of the mouse that fell in the milk bottle for the 101st time, he imitated his father’s lips. As such, even though he did not have lines, he knew how to show the situation in detail. His excellent observation led to various reactions, and this put life into the others’ acting and made the musical richer. In musical acting technique, he is lacking because of his short breath, unclear pronunciation, and bad tempo control. However, his stage presence with his instinct to have the audience focus on him was enough to cover his faults. The reason why his Frank is anticipated is because he judged himself as being too stuffy when he joined the rerun of the musical.

Those with little acting or musical experience tend to be good at things they have been good at. If SHINee’s Key showed off an unexpected result in building the character, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s strong point is definitely his singing. He is the vocalist in the group, but his voice is so soft that he enjoys singing Sung Sikyung and Kim Dongryul’s ballads that weave emotion and a romantic feeling surges from him. Kyuhyun’s real value can be seen when Frank sings "Someone Else’s Skin" to express his loneliness, and when he sings "Seven Wonders" when he falls in love. However, Kyuhyun is part of a group that works together rather than stand out individually. For Kyuhyun, he seems better suited for a musical that works in synergy with other members instead of a one-top musical such as <Catch Me>.

Source: 10asia
Translated by: jennyjjong. @