KARA's popularity leaning on each member

For a music group that want to last long without any big discord or disbanding,  it's good to have a popularity that not excessively depend on 1 member only. A group that only depend on the popularity of 1 member, he/she can maintain the group but it also possible to became a minus.
A member that relatively got less spotlight can feel deprivation and the member with high popularity can think "I'm the one who fed and make this group live". Even one of the way to prevent a war between nations is the balance of power. Even one particular nation get more military power the war risk will become bigger.
The fact that all 5 members of girl group KARA getting an equal popularity can be felt during the recent Tokyo Dome Concert. This is important because KARA was once facing the danger of disbanding, and the time left of their contract with their company was less than 1 year.

Han Seungyeon have great contribution to prevent KARA from getting disbanded after their failure in KARA's 1st album and even revived after that. She is the one who wandered around on making appearance in cable TV and making people know the existence of KARA. However as time goes by both Nicole and Goo Hara also getting lots of popularity while making appearance in various variety program overrunning Han Seungyeon's popularity. Especially  to the extent that some producer want to make 'Ant waist' Goo Hara doing solo.
People also thought that Goo Hara has exceptionally high popularity in Japan. But it's not as much as expected. On the day of Tokyo Dome concert, among the merchandise that being sold, the fan that have picture of each members on it are sold out. Instead, Japanese fans  that holding fan with Han Seungyeon's pictures can be seen a lot.
On the concert, Han Seungyeon said in Japanese "I had a nightmare that there are no one who came to the concert but i'm really thankful that a lot of people have come today" and be moved to tears while getting great responds from the fans.  On the other side, Goo Hara and Nicole confidently showed their existence through powerful choreography.
Park Gyuri showed her singing ability with her solo part which stands out the most between 5 members. However the response for 'cheerful girl' Kang Jiyoung's stage are bigger. They showed responses to each of Jiyoung's words.
Kang Jiyoung who wore pink sailor uniform and sang Japanese sports cheering song title "School of Heaven" said "everyone and us are like the two wheels of a bicycle that need both to be able to move forward. I hope everyone and us can keep on become a pair of wheel that running forward." The audience greeted her words with thundering applause.
The fact that KARA's members, 5 people gaining even popularity and receiving spotlight equally, it shows the promising future that this group will be able to last long.

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