KARA's Hara sends a hand-written letter to fans

On January 14, KARA's Goo Hara sent a hand-written letter to her fans through her twitter account.

She started by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a good health, "It is very cold and temperature shaking hard day by day. Please have warm good food and be healthy!!".

It was on her birthday and she wanted to show her sincere heart and appreciation to fan's love and support, "Today is my birthday!! So, I write a letter to want to give you thanks for celebrating my birthday everytime.. How can I put my heart into word for you who take care of me and cheers me with warm heart and love me". 

Then she finished her letter with a hope to become a better Hara, "Since this is the time starting year 2013, I will be HARA who do her best in this year and I promise I won't let you down! I want your 2013 resolutions become real and be healthy and be happy too!
I Love you~♡ -2013. 01. 13 HARA KOO"

Fans and netizens were touched by her warm heart. They commented, "I dont know what it means but I want to cry", "Her writing is really nice", "She is so sweet, I'm touched", etc.

Source: Hara's twitter
Translated by @_cybercat 
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews