Kang Ho Dong’s New Variety Programme, The Reason Why Variety-Newbie Choikang Changmin Was Chosen

New partners have emerged, in the form of Kang Ho Dong and Choikang Changmin.

The new variety programme that Kang Ho Dong is preparing with KBS will have its first recording on 12 Jan, and is expected to be broadcast starting 22 Jan at 11.20pm. It will be the follow-up of “Win Win”, which was recently terminated.

PD Lee Ye Ji and writer Mun Eun Ae from “Hello” will be working on this programme. Meanwhile, artistes including Tak Jae Hoon, TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin, Brave Brothers and Jung Jae Hyung are expected to appear as MCs. All the members aside from Choikang Changmin are all veterans at emceeing for variety programmes. Aside from appearing as a guest or panel member in variety programmes as a member of TVXQ, Choikang Changmin has never faced guests, holding a microphone, as an MC. As such, the news that Choikang Changmin would be appearing as an emcee in Kang Ho Dong’s new highly-anticipated variety programme came as a surprise to fans.

In response to this, representatives from the KBS Variety Department revealed during an phone interview with Newsen on the afternoon on 2 Jan the reason why Choikang Changmin was able to capture the hearts of both Kang Ho Dong and the production team. This representative explained, “Kang Ho Dong and the production team felt that an idol group member was required for the new talk show, but at the same time they didn’t want someone who was a familiar face or was already active on variety shows. They were also looking for someone of a certain “level” of eloquence. Through all that, Choikang Changmin stood out.” “In actual fact the production team also thought ‘There’s no way TVXQ would come and be MCs right?’ when they sent the request, but SM Entertainment gave the OK.”

However, it is true that the production team and Kang Ho Dong had their reservations as to whether Choikang Changmin had the qualities required of a variety programme MC. TVXQ has received much recognition in the fields of music and acting, but it is only with variety that they have not demonstrated remarkable growth. With regards to this, the KBS Variety Department representative stated, “After conversing with Choikang Changmin, I have realised that he is much more eloquent and interesting than people expect. Furthermore, he is a young man with a healthy and warm image, which have been determined to be very suitable for the variety show this time. I am looking forward (to his performance).”

Source: [TVXQCB@Weibo + Newsen]
Translated by: dongbangdata.net