Kahi, Dambi & Han Chae Yeon are the New “Charlies Angels”

After School’s former leader Kahi, her labelmate Son Dambi and South Korea’s Barbie Doll Han Chae  Yeon have been crowned “Charlies Angels” by netizens.

Kahi recently uploaded the group picture on her twitter account with the caption “We all look beautiful! It’s too bad that I couldn’t take a photo with all the other members… hehe.”. All three women showed off an affectionate look coupled with their dazzling smiles as they gazed toward the camera. The ladies snapped the group picture at the Christmas day wedding of Pledis CEO, Han Sung Soo.

After seeing the photo netizens left comments like “more …“, “All three of them have self-luminous beauty” and “Kahi, Han Chae and Son Dam Bi are Charlie’s Angels!” among other reactions.

Article: NewsCJ
Trans: AfterSchoolDaze