JYJ's Yoochun Is Praised For His Role In ‘I Miss You'

Park Yoochun has made his mark as one of the best actors in his twenties through the drama ‘I Miss You’.

MBC’s ‘I Miss You’, that ended on the 17th of January, showed Park Yoochun tying up the knots to all the conflicts in his life and returning as the crazed rabbit Detective Han in the last episode.

When Park Yoochun played the role of the crazed rabbit, who had wandered for 14 years to find his first love, he perfectly personified a tough detective with a cold gaze and rage-filled despair, but he also played the role of a romantic guy who would use his cute charm to ask his girlfriend on a date.

Park Yoochun showed a wide spectrum of acting as his sobbing scene that showed all the pain and sorrow of the character’s past had staff members tearing up as they filmed the scene.

Representatives of the drama haven’t held back on their praise for Park Yoochun as they stated, “Only Park Yoochun could be Han Jung Woo, no one else,” and “He came up with the idea to puff up his cheeks and put a pen his mouth as ad libs to mirror his younger self, and he expressed the complicated emotions behind the hopeless longing of 14 years so well. It was because of him that viewers could really connect with Han Jung Woo.”

Media representatives also gave positive reviews as they said, “The desperate longing that Han Jung Woo has for the girl he lost 14 years ago came alive thanks to Park Yoochun’s acting skills and his deep gaze. The smooth transition between the child actors and the older actors showed Park Yoochun’s talent as an actor. Park Yoochun. He’s becoming quite the icon as time goes by.”

Viewers have also praised him as they said, “Park Yoochun prods at my emotions! Such a sad and desperate love!”, “I’m addicted to Detective Han Jung Woo! Detective Han is a man I want to hug,” and “Park Yoochun is able to perfectly portray a detective. The crazed rabbit is so charming.” They have also helped prove that Park Yoochun has gone from a rookie actor in the spotlight to the most representative actor in his twenties.

Meanwhile, when he still had two episodes left till the finale, Park Yoochun commented, “I feel happy and am working hard as I complete my last filming schedule. Jung Woo and I are both so happy to have received your attention and love.”

Source: [newsen]
Translated by: dongbangdata.net