Jung HyungDon, Cries in front of 4minute… Why?

Gagman Jung HyungDon has shred tears in front of 4minute.

4minute members have recently appeared as guests on Weekly Idol and were challenged against Jung HyungDon and Defconn for Korean beef.

Their first mission was to shred tears upon listening to the music played. Gayoon and Sohyun tried very hard to cry, but they laughed instead.

Meanwhile, MC HyungDon who is trying his best to shred tears in a corner was discovered. He shouted “Please give me beef” while crying, causing laughter on set. 4minute who saw this scene, were amazed by his skills, “I think samchon cried, these tears appeared.”

This episode will be broadcast on the 30th at 6PM.

Trans: Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: OSEN