Joo Won, Chansung and Son Jin Young pose as agents for ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’

MBC new drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ has revealed a 007-pose still cut of 2PM’s Chansung, Joo Won and Son Jin Young. The drama is highly anticipated for its casts of the three attractive guys: Charismatic Chansung, a.k.a. the Wild Idol, a rising sexy guy Joo Won, and a naively honest Son Jin Young.

The still cut that has been revealed includes Chansung’s tough aspect with the black suit and Joo Won’s charismatic aspect with the gray suit, making the photo much more attractive. The two actors, standing on the red carpet, are very neatly dressed, so that they remind of the celebrities who get camera flashes at a year-end award ceremony and are appealing to the female fans.

Demonstrating a typical secret agent’s all-black outfit, Chansung will fully prove his merits as a Wild Idol. As Chansung plays the role of ‘Do Ha Gong,’ a level-headed, decisive secret agent with a gifted brain, it is highly expected about how he will show 2PM’s captivating charisma in the upcoming drama.

‘7th Grade Civil Servant,’ an action and romantic drama that draws a story of the new NIS (The National Intelligence Service) agent, who lies about everything but love, is a follow-up of '보고싶다' and will be broadcasted at 9:55PM on January 23rd.

Source: JYP Entertainment