Jaejoong’s movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ to be released in Japan

After making its premiere in Korea last year, ‘Jackal Is Coming’ starring JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Song Ji Hyo, is hoping to find a big audience in Japan.

According to the movie distributor, it had secured a May 3 premiere for the love-suspense movie in Japan. ‘Jackal Is Coming’ talks about a legendary assassin (Song Ji Hyo) who kidnaps top star Choi Hyun (Jaejoong) and the various incidents that occur.

In addition, previously unpublished images of the movie have been revealed. In the photos, Choi Hyun and Jackal meet for the first time in the hotel that will be the main stage for much of this movie. Another image was that of Jaejoong sitting by himself on a chair, talking on the telephone.

Credit: dongbangdata.net