IRIS 2′ Stronger-than-expected, Anticipate BEAST's DooJoon

BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon has amazed the production crew.

Yoon Doojoon is currently filming for KBS2 new drama,  ’IRIS 2′ as an elite agent Seo HyunWoo.

Although Yoon Doojoon has yet to have much air time, but every time he shoots for the drama, his passion on the set can be seen. Representative of ‘IRIS 2′ spoke to TV Daily on the 14th, “Yoon Doojoon is a sensible and clever friend. He is also a fast learner and grasps things really fast. Moreover, he’s very polite” and,  ”Since it was Yoon Doojoon’s first challenge, many were quite worried too, but he achieved more than what the crew expected. He indeed played his role with the best shape on”, they expressed.

Another representative too commented, “Because of Yoon Doojoon’s passion for the production, he worked without showing any signs of tiredness and even smiled on the filming set” and, ” Through ‘IRIS 2′, Yoon Doojoon’s new charms will be discovered and another level of his acting skills can be seen.”

In previous showcase, Yoon Doojoon expressed, “‘IRIS 2′ has really left a strong impression, and because of that, I feel burdened. Therefore, I’m preparing very hard in action school and on the shooting field” and, “I feel warm for BEAST members gave lots of support to me. As I think of the members, I shall work even harder, I will do the best to avoid any flaws”.

Yoon Doojoon who has showcased his acting capabilities by appearing in MBC Sitcoms ‘Charming by the Day’, ‘All My Love’, drama ‘A Thousand Kisses’, JTBC’s ‘Living in CheongDamDong’, movie ‘Return of the Family’ and more, is to hold his actor idol title through ‘IRIS 2′ again.

Meanwhile, IRIS 2 will be firstly aired on February 13th.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: TV Daily