INFINITE H reveals they couldn't sleep because of pressure

INFINITE H revealed the pressure about their first unit album.

On the 23rd, INFINITE H (Dongwoo, Hoya) hard a photoshoot and an interview with At Star1.

Through this interview, INFINITE H revealed the pressure when preparing their first album “We couldn’t even sleep to the extent it was physically painful and we also had a huge psychological pressure”.

Hoya said while shaking his head, “As we were preparing for our comeback, we were also in the midst of tight preparations for KBS2 ‘Immortal Song’” and “To film the music video, we stayed up all night for almost 4 days as well”.

Moreover, Dongwoo looked like he lost a lot of weight due to this various projects carried without any rest.

Dongwoo talked about the behind-the-scene stories saying “I don’t really know why I lost weight” and “I physically lost weight so my pants size changed. Since I’m very skinny now, I’m taking a rest from exercising and I’m eating a lot”.

On the other hand, you will be able to check INFINITE H’s photoshoot and interview in At Star1’s February issue.

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