INFINITE-H reveals Sunggyu gave the biggest help

Unit group INFINITE-H chose leader Sunggyu as the person who gave them the biggest help.

On January 10th, Dongwoo and Hoya held a showcase at the Seoul UNIQLO-AX to promote their debut album ‘Fly High’. In a press conference prior to the showcase they said, “Other members showed great supports for us, and gave many good advices.”

Dongwoo and Hoya chose Sunggyu as the person who helped them the most. Dongwoo said, “He welcomed us everyday when we were returning home in total exhaustion. He was the first member to release a solo album, so he gave a lot of advices.”

Hoya added, “It wasn’t just Sunggyu, but all the members also gave big helps. There is a group discussion that we have on our phones, and whenever we were heading for practices, they left messages. They were all small things, but they became a huge support.”

They continued, “It must be because he’s the oldest one in the group, but Sunggyu takes care of his health. He bought us a few nutrition pills.”