Infinite H, “Prerecordings? It’s nice because they’re stages we make with the fans”

Infinite’s hiphop unit Infinite H (Dongwoo, Hoya) showed an uncommon affection toward the fans.

Infinite H met eNEWS right before their latest live broadcast, when we asked them ‘Which stage do you like the most between live broadcasts and prerecordings?’, they replied “We aren’t especially biased toward any of them and we just do our best in the given situation. But since we’re with the fans during the prerecordings, it has more feelings so it’s obviously better”.

Infinite H’s member Hoya said while laughing, “When it hasn’t been long since you did your comeback, prerecordings have a nice side. Because you can work the stage to make it more perfect. But later on, if you promote the same song for 7~8 weeks, there are also times when live broadcasts are better”.

He then added, “Both obviously have their pros and cons but if I put myself in the fans’ shoes, there are more good points about the prerecording”.

Dongwoo said, showing affection for the fans, “Regardless of the stage, I don’t have any anxiety about it. It’s just that for the stage of the prerecording filled with only our fans, even the cheering is different so I can only get strength from it. And I also find the time where you can share even just a few words with the fans next to the stage nice and precious”.

Infinite H is the 7-membered idol group Infinite’s hiphop unit formed by Dongwoo and Hoya. Primary was in charge of the album’s producing and a lot of talented musicians such as Dynamic Duo, Bumkey, Zion.T, Beenzino, etc participated in it so they received comments saying that they showed an exceptional completion as a standard idol unit.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; enews ; take out with full credits