Goo Hara, Greet Fans with handwritten letter for her birthday "both heart and hand writing are pretty"

Goo Hara who had birthday on the 13th sent her thanks to fans with a handwritten letter.

Goo Hara on her personal twitter account published a handwritten letter titled "To. My Fans♡", conveying her thanks to the fans.

To. My Fans♡

Hello! I`m HARA,  It`s been a long time to write a letter with "pen" and my heart is shaking... okay, above all, it is 2013 the year of Snake!! Happy New Year  It is very cold and temperature shaking hard day by day. Plz have warm good food and be healthy!!
You don`t have to be worry about us for we are having good meal and manage our status well. As you know, we are STRONG! LOL Oh, I don`t know how to express my emotions to you all, while you guys sent me shy...   I guess...when you guys write me a letter, you must be holding stationary firmly and write letters pretty with a lot of thinking what kind of expressions do you write down on letter...LIKE ME! I`m doing just same...LOL Today is my birthday!! So, I write a letter to want to give you thanks for celebrate my birthday everytime.. How can I put my heart into word for you who take care of me and cheers me with warm heart and love me. I want to be tough and better but you know...I am still young, so not much of my thought became actions... Since this is the time starting year 2013, I will be HARA who do her best in this year and I promise I won`t let you down!

I want your 2013 resolutions become real and be healthy and be happy too! I Love you~♡

-2013. 01. 13 HARA KOO

At the end Goo Hara wrote "I want your 2013 resolutions become real and be healthy and be happy too! I Love you~♡" ended her letter warmly

Fans who read Goo Hara's handwritten letter which full of sincerity replied with "Your face is pretty but your heart and handwriting are pretty too" "i hope Hara-ssi too had a wonderful birthday"

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Translated by: @_cybercat