Go Soo to go on date with female fan as promised

Actor Go Soo will go on a date with a lucky fan.

During the media premiere of the movie ‘Love 911’, Go Soo made a surprising pledge that he would take out one of the audience members as soon as the movie drew 2 million viewers.

The film, which was released on December 19, drew 2.31 million viewers as of January 9th. As promised, a college girl in her 20s was selected by a lucky draw among those who posted a review of the movie along with a photo of their ticket on the film site Max Movie. On the date, the two will drink coffee, chat and watch a movie together.

Go Soo also promised, “If over 4 million view the movie, I’ll go out on a date with another fan. I’ll pick her up at her place, and enjoy a lovely date. I should think more about what to do.”