Glam's Zinni shows off her perfect abs

Zinni, a members of GLAM showed off her perfect abs in crop top costumes on MCountdown.

In some pictures before the group's comeback, the healthy body Zinni garnered much attention from fans, when they witnessed her true image on stageZinni once again made people jealous of her perfect abdominal muscles and slim body.

Zinni revealed that her tough abdominal muscles was due to dance practiceShe was originally a B-girl so her regular B-Boy practice helped Zinni keeping her body fitMoreover, the dance moves also often require the use of abdominal muscles.

Netizens admired Zinni's body"was a boy but still admire". "It's an art", "Now Iunderstand why she was famous even before their debut,etc.

Source: bntnews
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews